Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

Description Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a client of the official service of Fb, which will allow us to use the popular social network through a considerably lighter user and more prepared for less powerful Android terminals and more limited Internet connections.

The first thing that calls the attention of Fb Lite is that the application occupies about two hundred and fifty KBs of memory once installed in the terminal. In order to give us an idea, this means that Facebook Lite occupies more than 100 times less than the normal application of Fb … preserving all the possibilities that should have.

Apart from this drastic reduction in size, Facebook Lite offers other interesting advantages for users with weak or limited Internet connections. The application is designed expressly to work in 2G networks, so it will let us access our profile and communicate with our friends with little data consumption. What your teeth, change the color of your eyes, add filters and more. You can learn more and download facebook lite by clicking here.

Viber Messenger install

Viber Messenger install

Viber is an instant-message application that allows you to send and receive messages and calls for free. This application is available for Android, iOS, Nokia, and Bada. Also, it works on Mac and Windows. In this post you will see how to Viber messenger install.

Messenger Vs. Viber

Messenger is the instant messaging application of Facebook. In that app you can send messages, voice notes, images, GIFs and a lot of content to your Facebook friends. Since it is a very useful we will mention its characteristics and compare it with the Viber ones.

Messenger is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but Viber works on Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, OSX and Linux. In Messenger groups, you can add up to 150 contacts, while Viber accepts up to 200 contacts.

Viber features

The videoconferencing in Messenger is multiple, but in Viber it is only one-to-one. Both offer locationsharing. Viber has a better security system, it has end-to-end encryption while Messenger does not have it.

Both allows you to video record and send the video. Also, they allow you to cloud sync, and the server stored messages are permanent. Both of them can be used on multiple devices at the same time.

Viber Vs. Whatsapp

Viber Vs. Whatsapp
Viber Vs. Whatsapp

As you have seen, Viber offers a lot of services. However, the most used instant messaging application is Whatsapp. So, before you Viber Messenger install, we will compare its characteristics with Whatsapp’s.

Viber has a PC version, while Whatsapp does not have it. And even if both of them allow to record voice, in Viber you can record and reproduce it in many formats.

Viber Messenger Install

Depending on your operative system device, you can download Viber. If you have an Android device, you just have to go to the Play Store and write “Viber” on the searching area. Then, you download it and it will be installed automatically.

If you have and iOS device, go to the iStore search Viber and download it. It will be installed automatically. If you have the official app store of your phone, just follow the same steps: Go to the store and download it.

Viber PC

If you have a computer with Windows, Mac or Linux, you just have to go to the Viber web page and download it. Then you execute the installer and enjoy Viber. Remember that Viber is a free application. Both the downloading and the installation are totally free.

The only service you have to pay for on Viber is Viber Out which allows you to do international calls to people who does not have Viber. Otherwise, if the person you want to call has Viber installed it is totally free, both the calling and videocalling.

Adding a contact is very easy because you just need the phone number of your contact, since Viber does not have an special ID. Viber Messenger install is very easy and totally free. So, if you liked its features now you can download it and enjoy its great services.